Grid Pendants

Hello Friends!

I'm not going to say much, I'm just going to let these beauties speak for themselves.


These three new grid pendants will be available at the Open Studios on November 11th, and at my Showcase at Sassafras on November 25th.

Drop in on Saturday Nov. 11 from 3 to 9 p.m. and meet artists at 1426 S. Jackson St. in Little Saigon. Art lovers, collectors, students, teachers, models and other creatives return each year to this popular open house to socialize, buy art, and get a glimpse of new work in progress.

I will be in is a solo trunk show at Sassafras in Belltown! I’m beyond excited to have this opportunity. It will be on Saturday November 25th from 12-7pm at 2307 1st Ave., Seattle at Sassafras. I will be selling my one-of-a-kind rings, necklaces, and earrings, as well as some of my “grid” collection. Come on by!

I will also be uploading them to my website store so keep and eye out! See you later!


Hello friends,

I want to talk about somethings I care deeply about: animals! If you know me at all you know how much I love animals. Not only my cats, or my friends' pets, or all of the cute endangered species photos on the internet, but literally every animal on earth. I believe that every animal, no matter how big or small, endangered or overpopulated, cuddly or ferocious, is entitled to live a satisfying, meaningful life. I live my life in such a way that I try not to harm other living beings in any way. I do not eat animals or their secretions, I do not wear their skins or tusks, I do not support corporations' need to control, breed, and confine them, and I do not think it's okay to make a sport out of killing them. Because of my great love for the creatures we share this planet with, I've started incorporating animals into my jewelry. So far I've been inspired by cats, bunnies, dogs, panda bears, pigs, and birds. There are so many more animals on my mind and in my heart. I'm thinking cows, snakes, lizards, mice, chickens, goats, llamas, fish... there are just so many. If you're as fanatical about animal friends as I am, check out my animal studs here and let me know what your favorite animal is!



Hello Everyone,

I love to create new jewelry more than anything. But you may not know that I also enjoy fixing up old jewelry. I know many people have a drawer full of jewelry that never sees the light of day, just because there's one little thing wrong with it. This makes me very sad. I love repairing jewelry because it gives pieces like this a new life, and it gives the owner a chance to show off a jewel they might not have worn for years. Here are some repairs I can do:

  • repair/replace clasps
  • resize rings
  • untangle or fix broken chains
  • shorten or lengthen necklaces
  • re-string beaded necklaces or bracelets
  • repair woven beaded pieces
  • clean and polish delicate jewelry

Or if you are tired of a piece of jewelry, or inherited something that's not quite your style, I'm happy to take it apart and re-create something just for you. I also

  • Design and create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry
  • Set stones

Here are some images of recent repairs I did:

Repaired broken 14k yellow and white gold chain necklace.

Repaired broken 14k yellow and white gold chain necklace.

Re-shaped 14k Yellow Gold earring. It had been flattened and broken in several places and I restored its volume and shape.

Re-shaped 14k Yellow Gold earring. It had been flattened and broken in several places and I restored its volume and shape.

Please take a look through your jewelry drawer and think about reviving those pieces that you never wear. I'm happy to help with small or large projects. Take a look at more repairs and custom work I've done here.



Hello friends,

I have just returned from a month long vacation.  I traveled to France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Denmark with my boyfriend. In all, we visited 9 cities in 32 days. It was a lot of traveling, but it was an incredible experience overall. After a month abroad, it's so good to be back in my studio making things. Traveling was such an enriching and inspiring experience. I saw the most amazing buildings, artworks, crafts, and jewelry. I met so many creative and hardworking individuals. I took time for myself to wander around cities I didn't know. I feel refreshed and invigorated and ready to express myself. I'm so grateful for all the experiences I had and am looking forward to the rest of this year. Enjoy these photos, and keep following me as I get back to my studio and make things!