Gallery show, teaching, and new work

First of all, I have a few pieces in a show organized by the Seattle Metals Guild. It's a beautiful small gallery and the show is really spectacular.


Next, I’ve started teaching classes! Classes are one-on-one at my jewelry studio on Capitol Hill. They are generally 2 hours long and $30-$60 per hour. Here’s what I can teach

-Basic jewelry skills (sawing, filing, drilling, forming, designing)

-Chains (how to make jump rings, chain design and assembly)

-Prong setting (building a prong setting from scratch)

-Bezel setting (building a bezel setting from scratch)

I’m pretty new at this, but feeling good about it. Hit me up if you wanna learn my secrets!

Lastly, here’s what I’ve created in my new studio! I love it there so far!

New Studio

Hello friends,

Once again, I’ve moved my jewelry studio. The last month has been intense. Lots of organizing people and things, packing, moving, re-organizing, and cleaning. I’m so excited to have a fresh start! I’m also really excited because this new studio is super close to where I live. My commute is basically non-existent. So if you need to find me, you’ll know where I’ll be.

(Thanks as always, to my dad for helping me set up my bench and shelves)

(And thanks to my studio friends for helping me move all my heavy stuff and being awesome people)


Summer jewelry

Hey friends,

Are you looking for jewelry that’s light and easy to wear for the summer? Here are some suggestions.