Evolution pieces in progress


Evolution occurs because of spontaneous and induced mutation in cell’s DNA. Mutations are extremely common, and occur in all humans. In natural selection, due to environmental conditions, if a mutation somehow makes an organism more efficient in its environment, the mutation will last and carry on to the next generation. Some of the ways humans have evolved due to natural selection are: standing upright; developing fingers, toes, and opposable thumbs; different races; loss of body hair; increased brain size; increased height; increased body size; and visual difference between the sexes.

In my work I aim to explore and emphasize the ways humans have evolved. Since evolution is such a broad theme, I have focused on bone structure and skin color evolution. I have drawn inspiration from scientific papers and books about evolution, images and articles online, and the basic knowledge I learned in my highschool biology class. I want my pieces to read as instruments of knowledge and awareness, with a clean, almost medical, look.


How does my work read?

How does my work look on the body?

What does my work tell you about evolution and biology?

What other materials could I use to express the themes I’m working with?


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