Hello everyone,

'Tis the season! Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the holiday season. Holidays are great and all - I love the festivities, the family, and the food. But I could do without the constant reminders that we should all be buying hundreds of dollars worth of gifts for everyone in our lives. In my opinion, gifts are nice, but they're not what the holidays should be about. I already have too much stuff that's sitting around in my closet. I really don't need any more things. I think the best kinds of gifts you can give are hand-made, or locally made useful objects. The kinds of things that will create memories and be held on to all year instead of stuffed in a closet.

I've recently made a bunch of new laser cut keychain and ornament designs. Some of them are holiday themed, but most of them are just plain cute or simple. I've made a ton more animals, like dogs, turtles, and cats, and mythical creatures, like fairies, centaurs, and dragons. I've also started to make letters and US states. All of my keychains and ornaments are designed by me, cut by a local laser cutter, and sanded, finished, and polished by me in my garage. If you're looking for a low-budget, meaningful gift for yourself or someone else, for the holidays or for any reason, check these out:

Happy holidays!

dragon 2.jpg