New/Old Studio

Hey everyone, I’ve had an incredible couple of weeks.

At the end of last year, I decided to leave my job at Seattle Engraving Center, and move back into my old shared jewelry studio in the International District. I really missed having the freedom and ability to be there whenever I wanted, make whatever I wanted, and not feel tied down to an employer’s schedule. I missed my friends there and the funky old building, and the convenience of having my own space.

Two weeks ago I moved all my equipment into my new/old studio. This week my dad helped me build a huge new setting/engraving bench for me, and I set up all my tools and equipment. I went to Ikea and bought some drawers and organizational stuff and set it all up. Yesterday I was able to really get started working and it felt so, so good. The last major thing I want to do is put up shelves, so I can have all my tools and materials stored conveniently above me, or in the drawers under my bench. This year, I’m getting organized and want to look and feel as professional as I can. Having a really nice studio set up will really help. Huge thanks to my dad who’s always there for me, loves building things, and was probably more excited about making this bench than I was. I’m so lucky.

It felt so good to set up my microscope (after not having it for a few weeks), and all my other power tools. When I was drawing up the bench I knew I wanted it to be big, but I didn’t realize quite how big it would turn out. It’s truly amazing. So much space to spread out on, and nothing falling off the edges or getting piled under things. Exactly what I needed.