More new locations!

Hey friends,

I have some really exciting news: I have 2 new locations. My business has been growing like crazy the last few months and I'm so pleased to be able to share my jewelry with people all over the country!

The first new location is the Metal Museum Shop in Memphis Tennessee. This museum is dedicated to the history, craft, and art of metalsmithing. They have so many great exhibits, galleries, and programs, and serve as a home for the metalsmithing community in Memphis and also across the US. Next time you're in Tennessee, definitely stop by!

My second new location is Drizzle & Shine on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It's a cute little eco-boutique with all eco-friendly, vegan products. They have a really nice collection of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and some household items, and most of it is locally produced by small businesses. I'm so proud that my work is on display there and I really support their mission.



In other news, I will be at the SNAG conference in Portland from May 23-26. One of my necklaces will be in a show called Crossings in the Annie Meyer Gallery. Please go check it out, it's going to be an amazing show!