Website Update

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I'm really looking forward to the  SNAG conference in Portland, OR from May 23-26. If you're going to be there I'd love to meet you! Send me a message to connect. Also, One of my necklaces will be in a show called Crossings in the Annie Meyer Gallery. Please go check it out, it's going to be an amazing show!


As for my website, I've been working on making it more streamlined and cohesive. In my studio I've been focusing more on repairs and custom work, and I'm trying to get my website to reflect that. It's so difficult to decide what to pair down and what to emphasize though! I'm so proud of everything I've made, and want to show off everything I've ever done or accomplished. I condensed my RISD portfolio pages, and will be adding more of my recent work to new portfolio pages. I've also completely re-written my custom and repair page, so go check it out! I'm planning on getting some testimonials and reviews up sometime soon. If I've done work for you, feel free to send me a few sentences about working with me! I will love you forever. Let me know what you think of the changes and if you have ideas for other suggestions. As many of you know, a website is always a work in progress and I'm open to any advice.

Thanks for reading!